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Feb 2012 Truck of the Month: Toyota Vigo


Yey! It’s been a while since we made a truck of the month feature, and since there’s a lot of Toyota Hilux Vigo’s whose been asking us how to lift, its just a good choice for us to feature this monster rig!

The owner wanted a capable off-road worthy rig for his everyday abuse on his job for his construction business. At first, he wanted a 2″ lift that could fit at least 33″ tires, but then when he saw a friend’s rig riding on 4″ lift, he could not get his eyes off of the tiger! He quickly changed his 2″ to a 4″ Unicorn lift! Good thing though, the shocks that he got for his 2″ lift was an adjustable coil over from Rancho. As we installed the Unicorn lift kit, the stock setting of his Rancho coil over gave him an extra boost of 2″ giving him a total of 6″ suspension lift!

To give it a more exceptional look, he wanted to install front and rear bumpers with a winch (courtesy of Ironman 4×4). The rear bumper was customized by us, together with the skid plate that gave his under chassis a shiny glow! He then bought a set of 285/27 to match the outstanding stance of this truck.

From what I heard, he will already be using this rig as soon as he gets to Manila, then he’s gonna be driving to Bulacan (together with the Hilux Club of the Philippines) over the weekend to see the product of his hardship!


  1. Sir wat size of your nitto tire n rim that you use?tnx nice truck how much did you spend on your set up…..i jist want to know the size of your tires n rims

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